IX4-300d Minecraft server

Minecraft Server on ix4-300d NAS

Install a Minecraft server on your Iomega NAS, keep in mind the server only has 512MB ram and Minecraft recommends at least 1GB. However, the server seems to run fine for 5 online players after adding a few plugins I included in this guide.


This guide is outdated & craftbukkit has been discontinued. The guide will still work BUT skip every craftbukkit step.

– SSH Access(Guide Here)
– Custom Startup Script (Guide Here)
– A Share called “Minecraft”(will be used during this guide.. feel free to use any other)
– Some experience in Minecraft/Craftbukkit servers is recommended.

Installing Java & Minecraft Server

In this guide, the share will be “Minecraft” feel free to use any other share but make sure you know how to change the paths to your location. First download Java from Here (new link: Here). Download the “ARM Linux” version. At the time of writing this was: “ejre-7u21-fcs-b11-linux-arm-sflt-headless-04_apr_2013.tar”. copy the file on your Share

Java for ARM Processors

Now open PUTTY, navigate to your share “Minecraft” and unpack the file :

cd /mnt/pools/A/A0/Minecraft
tar -xvf ejre-7-fcs-b147-linux-arm-sflt-headless-27_jun_2011.tar.gz
rm  ejre-7u21-fcs-b11-linux-arm-sflt-headless-04_apr_2013.tar.gz

Add Java to the “PATH” variable(the “ejre1.7.0” folder may be different depending on what release you downloaded, correct this to your java folder)

export PATH

Test if java is working :

java -version

Iomega NAS Minecraft Java Version

If you got something like the image above, Java is working! (if getting “-sh: java: command not found” error, the path to your java folder was incorrect and you have to go back a few steps.). You can now download the Minecraft server JAR, we are not using the original Minecraft server but we are using the Craftbukkit version which allows us to install plugins that make the Minecraft server run smoother on our NAS with only 512Mb ram. Copy it on the root of your “Minecraft” share.

Once copied, rename the file to “craftbukkit.jar” and SSH to your server. Navigate to you share (/mnt/pools/A/A0/Minecraft/) OR ((/mnt/pools/A/A0/[SHARE NAME]/):

cd /mnt/pools/A/A0/Minecraft/

And start the server :

java -Xms256M -Xmx256M -jar craftbukkit.jar nogui

Test the if the server is working, the first time the server will generate a map and config files, this may take a few minutes.. wait for the server to say it’s done and try connecting to the server : [NAS IP]:25565

Minecraft Iomega NAS Server

Your server is now up and running BUT it’s you’re not done yet. You want your server to run smooth, keep running when you close your SSH session (PUTTY) and you want it to start/restart with your server.

Optional - Install Minecraft Tweaks/Plugins

This step is not required but it’s recommended since 512mb ram for a Minecraft server is not enough for more than 1 player. These plugins/tweaks will make your server use less RAM and make your server smooth enough for up to 5 online players.

NoSpawnChunks : prevents chunks to be loaded in the servers ram before sending to the client
Simple-Autosave : Saves your world on the chosen interval. this prevents data loss on server crash
BukkitBackup : Makes compressed backups of your world on predefined intervals.

To install plugins, copy the jar file(s) downloaded from the plugins site in your Minecraft/plugins folder. Now restart your Minecraft server to make the plugins generate config files. Stop your server and go through the config files. Everything setting should be clear.

My Simple-Autosave

 interval: 15
SilentMode: false
ServerBroadcast: true
BroadcastEachWorld: false
AutoSaveMessage: '`2[Simple-AutoSave] `ySaving Worlds & Player Data...'


 backupinterval: TA[18:00,22:00,4:00]
maxbackups: 25
onlyifonline: false
fullbackup: false
#======== File & Location Settings ==========#
backuppath: backup
usetempfolder: false
zipbackup: true
splitbackup: false
dateformat: '%1$tY-%1$tm-%1$td-%1$tH-%1$tM-%1$tS'
#======== Content Settings ==========#
backupworlds: true
backupplugins: true
pluginlistmode: true
#======== Advanced Settings ==========#
debugmode: false
checkversion: true
Autostart Minecraft Server

To autostart your server make sure you have done the “Custom Start-up Guide” and copy the following lines AT THE END! of your start-up script (/opt/int-opt.sh) before the “sleep 360d” and “reboot” line.

echo "Minecraft Starting" >> /opt/init-opt.log
export PATH
cd /mnt/pools/A/A0/Downloads/minecraft/mc
//backup part
java -Xms256M -Xmx512M -jar craftbukkit.jar nogui

restart your NAS and your server should running whenever you restart/start your NAS now BUT players can yet only connect from the local network, players won’t be able to connect from the internet IF you’re using a router…




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