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Enable Charging and HDD’s on Apple keyboard

The Apple Keyboard has 2 USB ports on the underside of the keyboard. When using these ports in windows, the power per USB port is limited. Due to this limitation, the ports on the keyboard are useless, even a USB-stick requires more power. Here is a guide on how to force windows to allow 500mA!

Charging on Apple's keyboard USB hub

– Only use this guide for the Wired Apple keyboard.
– NEVER use more than 500mA!


before starting, it’s recommended to unplug all hubs and plug your keyboard directly in your computer. This will simplify this guide but it will work either way. Then, open the device manager (Control Panel => Device Manager)


Scroll down until you see ‘Universal serial bus controllers”. Expand it.


Here is the list of all USB hubs inside and connected to your PC. Since their names are all the same we will have to find the hubs that don’t deliver 500mA. Double click on every USB hub and go to the Power tab, if it says ‘500mA’ it’ probably not the keyboard. If it says “100mA”. It will probably be your keyboard. this is what mine looked like :


So we found our keyboard, now we need to get the Location Information, go to the details tab and in the property drop down box, select “Location Information”


right-click on the item and select copy. Now open the registry and force windows to put out 500mA to this device. Open the run command (Windows + R), type “regedit” and press OK.


Click on the computer in the top left, now hit CTRL+F and paste your location information we copied earlier, hit “Find Next”


This may take a while. When windows found something, it probably isn’t the right folder yet. keep searching until you see a folder “000000000” on the left containing sub-folders (Control, Device Parameter, LogConf, Properties) (mine was in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Enum\USB\VID_05AC&PID_1006\000000000000/)


right-click on the “00000000000” folder and select Permissions. A new window with Groups and User Names will open. select usergroup “Everyone” in the top section and tick “allows all” in the lower part, now hit “Advanced”.


A new window will open. click the “Owner” tab and check the checkbox at the bottom “Replace owner on subcontainers and objects”


now hit OK, and OK again, an error will pop up, hit OK again.


Now we are owners of these folders, click the “DeviceDesc”.  Clear the line and type ”Apple Keyboard” and hit OK. This will change the name from “Generic USB Hub” to “Apple Keyboard”.


Go back to your Device Manager, click action and “scan for hardware changes”. In the list with “Universal Serial Bus Controllers” one of the “Generic USB hubs” should have changed to “Apple Keyboard” (If not, reboot your PC). Just to be sure you are editing the right hub, unplug your keyboard and check if the “Apple Keyboard” disappeared. also check the power tab again if it still says “100mA”.


If you are 100% sure it is the Apple Keyboard, go back to the “regedit” window. Click the subfolder “Device Parameters” (don’t expand the folder, just click the folder not the arrow in front of it!) It should have 2 parameters(Default and SymbolicName).


Now right-click in an empty part of the right screen and select “NEW DWORD(32bit) VALUE”. Name it “ForcePortPower”. Double-click on it, set the base to “Decimal” and enter the number “500” which is the amount of mA (!!!Never enter more than 500!!!). Hit OK and your folder should look like this :


Close the Regedit window and unplug your keyboard. Wait a few seconds and plug it back in. Check the “Power” tab again in the Device Manager and it should say the hub is “Self-Powered” and the “Total Power Available” should be 500mA. (If not, reboot your PC)


Your keyboard should now be able to run any USB Stick and even USB powered HDD’s.




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  1. Sorry, Rauf. Could you please tell me exactly what you’ve done? I was running the latest version of Windows 10 until a week ago and everything was ok, then I updated Windows and now my Apple Keyboard HUB power turned back to 20mAh and I followed all the steps of this guide.

  2. Hello Steven,
    I tried this with a magic wired keyboard on windows 10, but still I got the message that the device hasn’t got enough power. Any idea? Does this still work or is there an alternative?


    1. I’m not sure if this will still work on Windows 10, I no longer own an apple keyboard to test on. I miss it though, it’s still the best keyboard out there imo.

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