Tweaking chameleon bootloader

By default, Chameleon show all the partitions it can find, including data drives, hidden system, and recovery partitions. This guide will show you how to clean your bootloader and hide the useless partitions on your chameleon boot screen.

– Any version of the Chameleon bootloader installed.
– OSX Installed and working on your PC.

Hide Partitions

First, we need the ids of the partitions we want to hide. Open “Terminal” (Spotlight->Terminal) and type :

diskutil list

The terminal will show a list of disks and partitions in your computer. Now open the chameleon preferences file (Spotlight ->org.chameleon.boot.plist) and add this line to the file:


Hide Partition
hd(0,1) hd(5,0)

For windows drives, only hide the “data” partition containing the program files, and keep the “System Reserved” visible in the Bootloader. This partition has the windows Bootloader and is needed to start windows. (From Vista and Up)


To rename the “System Reserved” partition in the Bootloader to “Windows”, add this line to your org.chameleon.boot.plist:

Rename Partition
"System Reserved" Windows
Set Default Boot Drive/Partition
If you want to change your default boot partition to another drive than OSX, add following lines to the config file :

Default Partition

Where X and Y is your drive id.



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