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The E3 NOR Flasher is a very easy tool to downgrade or dual-boot your PS3. However, your E3 hardware is limited to downgrading only 1 PS3 and was made for one-time installation. However, there is a firmware file that breaks this limit and allows you to downgrade unlimited consoles with only one E3 NOR Flasher.

– E3 NOR Flasher (Must be installed in a PS3 -> Guide Here)
– Samsung Firmware File(Download Mega)
– microSD card

Firmware Installation

First, insert the microSD card in your computer and make sure it is formatted as fat32. Then download the firmware file (Here), extract the file and copy the file on your microSD card. When copied, insert the card in your E3Flasher:

Slide the empty cover to the right, this will unlock the cover:


Now lift the cover towards you :


Insert the microSD card like the picture below :


Now slice the cover to the left to lock the microSD card in place :


When the card is inserted, set the switches to “update mode” by setting the switches in the following direction :

Switch1: Down
Switch2: Down
Switch3: Up
Switch4: Up
Switch5: Up
Switch6: Up


When done, turn on your PS3, 6 green Led’s and 1 red Led should turn on, then the blue LEDs will come on. This means the E3Flasher is updating its firmware. (if not, disconnect your eSata cable & try again)


When all blue LEDs are on, click the “Reset” button under the blue LEDs to reset the E3Flasher.


The blue LEDs should go off. Now turn off your PS3 and remove the microSD card. Then put the microSD card in your PC and check if the “update.bin” file has been removed, if not removed there should be a text file containing an error code added to your microSD card.

If the microSD card is empty, the update has been installed and you can now downgrade unlimited PS3’s with your E3Flasher!



26 Responses

    1. Maybe try again from start? This guide is how i updated my E3 Flasher.
      Also there are fake E3 Flashers available, i’m not sure if these will work with the samsung firmware.

  1. So I can downgrade my ps3 to 3.55 with the flasher and remove it afterwards? Or has the flasher being left on the ps3?

    1. your choice, you can leave it in and do things like dualboot ofw/cfw, or even boot different cfw’s from different harddrives, or you could remove the flasher and downgrade more ps3’s (make sure you have the samsung firmware installed on your flasher first)

  2. every thing is on correct but when i turn my ps3 on with the update on the micro sd 6 green lights en one 1 will turn on but the blue lights wont show up after waithing an hour. my model numer is good en al that stuff i have an real e3 flasher. but it wont install the samsung firmware on the e3 flasher

    1. So the update.bin is in the root of your sd card? also could you try a different sd card, i would suggest the smallest one you have. some sd cards (mostly fakes) may not work.

  3. E 3 falsher not flashing light during update but no light (blue)
    but update is success full as no bin file in memory card .

    and during backup satrts
    after pressing start in couple of sec it flash 11000100
    1=blue light
    0= no lite

    and in memory card there is text file and wriiten there

    start logging…
    backup PS3 BIOS.
    not original PS3

  4. How i can rewrite the nor of my PS3? I have nor backup but i dont know use the E3, what the position keys i rewrite? Softbrick gere! Help im brazilian guy, i dont have money 😅

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