PS3 3.55

Downgrade any CFW PS3 to 3.55 or any other CFW

Changing to another CFW distribution can be a problem since not all CFW support the latest updates, this guide will help you installing any other CFW version on your PS3 or simply go back to 3.55 where it all started.

  • PS3 on any CFW
  • Downgrade Files (Download Here)
  • QA-Flag (Download Here)
  • Fat32 USB Stick(512Mb+)


Accidental upgraded PS3’s from CFW to Official Firmware CANNOT be downgraded using this method, these can only be downgraded using a flasher.
! – I am not responsible for bricked PS3’s
! – For educational purposes only
Before updating, remove your Game disk, this may cause your ps3 to update to the version that came with the game and make your ps3 unable to downgrade without hardware flasher!


First Download the Rogero 3.55 Downgrader (Here), copy the file on your USB stick in the UPDATE folder like the image below :


Now plug the USB stick in your PS3, navigate to Settings->System Update and choose to update from “Storage Media” :


Now verify that the version is ‘3.55 Rogero – Downgrader”, then hit X


Your PS3 will now restart and start downgrading the firmware. When done, your PS3 should restart and you should see the Rogero boot logo, to verify you are on 3.55, navigate to “System Settings -> System information”, it should say 3.55:


Your PS3 is now downgraded to 3.55, however, this is not a fully functional firmware we will need to convert this 3.55 to any CFW to get back jailbreak functionalities.

Set QA-Flag

Download the QA-flag files (Download Here), copy the .pkg file on your USB stick and install the software on your 3.55 PS3:


Now start the QA-enabler:


The screen should turn black, your PS3 should beep 2 or 3 times and then go back to the home screen. Now to verify you QA flag is enabled, go to network settings. don’t open the menu but just move the cursor on the icon like below:


Now on your controller press these buttons at the same time :
L1 + L2 + L3 (press left stick) + R1 + R2 + dpad_down and you should see the following menu appearing: if not working, restart your ps3 and try again.


Your QA-flag is enabled!

!!! – Only continue if your QA-Flag is enabled – !!!

Install 3.55 CFW

You will not be able to install any CFW yet, the syscon version is 9.99 so we need to fix this with the 3.55 Rogero’s firmware: Copy the file on your USB stick (overwrite the downgrader file) and insert the USB in your PS3, now go to Update and choose to update from Storage Device.


Now your ps3 will update and restart to 3.55 Rogero CFW. To check if the firmware installed correctly go to system settings -> system information :


the firmware should say 4.25 however the firmware installed is 3.55, the 4.25 is just a version spoof so the firmware runs newer games and eventually can connect to PSn. This is a functional firmware however it is recommended to update to a newer CFW.

Optional - Install other CFW

Download your desired CFW and copy the PS3UPDAT.PUP file on your USB, insert the USB and  navigate to system update -> Update via storage media: (install from recovery if the update fails)


Now verify that the version you are installing is correct and make sure it is not an Official Sony Firmware. If you are 100% sure then click ok and your PS3 will restart, update then restart in the chosen firmware. Check your firmware version to confirm your update was successful.

Please, whenever you use this guide successfully, please post your downgraded start and end firmware in a comment below, this will help others confirm their version has been successfully downgraded before:

Ferrox 4.66 -> Ferrox 4.65 – no need to download & install QA-Flag, build in with Ferrox CFW



193 Responses

  1. Thanks ever so much for this tutorial. I never would have been able to downgrade without you. The only issue I faced was that it wouldn’t let me install the 2nd update using System Update option so I had to update via the recovery menu instead. Keep up the good work.

      1. Restore ps3 system in recovery….enable system update debug….update usb….had the corrupt error but this worked!!thanks

    1. when does your ps3 say they are corrupt? the files are still fine so you must do something wrong. can you tell me what step failed?

      BTW, this guide only works on jailbroken ps3’s with already custom firmware installed… it won’t work on official ps3 firmwares.

      1. I did, this is what I did to fix it ( just finished it.)

        Went to network settings and did the button combo: L1+L2+L3+R1+R2+dpad down

        Under debug setting went to system debug update and switch it ON.
        Then installed Rogero 3.55 v3.7A CFW in safe/recovery mode.

        Finally installed the latest CFW. ( trying the new rogero 4.6 and will try the darknet CEX 4.65 v1.02 tomorrow)

        Using the irishman instead of multiman, running games that were not working before, so better for now.

        thank you for your help!!!

        1. THANK YOU YANKO
          it worked it said the same thing as pyours but then did what you did andit works thank you and the person who made this article
          LETS PLAY online some time BlitzCometJB
          Thanks you

        2. Must do these 2 steps as yanko mention:
          1. Under debug setting went to system debug update and switch it ON.

          1. Then installed Rogero 3.55 v3.7A CFW in safe/recovery mode. —> MUST IN SAFE MODE

          How to get into SAFE MODE:

          1. Ray, I just got a Slim 3.55 PS3 that I guess is on DEX Rebug but not running Debug CFW. All That I See Is “Debug Setings” Under “Network Settings” and When Opening Rebug Toolbox It states I’m not running Rebug. The LVL2 Kernel Is (CEX) and The Target Type Is (DEX). When I Try Using The Rogero 3.55 Downgrader It Keeps Bringing Up That The Data Is Corrupted With Error Message (80029CCA). Tried Everything I Could Think Of, Even Updating in Recovery Mode.

            1. if its already on 3.55 you can just install the cfw without using the downgrader. try to download one of the latest custom firmwares and try installing it from xmb or recovery and see if that works

              1. Which one would you recommend I try? Im barely getting back into jailbreaking/modding after 2-3 years. sorry for all these noob questions lol. All im trying to do is basically get online and hack/mess around on GTA.

              2. Upgraded to 4.75.3 Rebug D-Rex and I believe I accidentally downgraded to 4.75.1 D-Rex but that’s when I got stuck at 99% installation loophole. Can’t even get into recovery mode. Any suggestions? Or am I completely screwed? I read about re-formating the hard drive but they recommend to back up in recovery mode (which I can’t access)

    1. Da same for me did u fine solution at ist step its says error 8002f957 pls help wat should I do

  2. I have an original 60gb backward compatible ps3. The blueray player died and I replaced it. It now plays blue ray movies but not games. I get the 80010017 error. I really believe this is a firmware issue. I have tried almost everything including a full restore – and even though I did not do a system update and it was entirely restored to default settings, the system software showed up as 4.65! I have read that restoring the version to 3.55 can sometimes be a fix for this error. My system has not been jail broken, but I am willing to do whatever at this point. Is there any way to roll back this update without jailbreaking? And if not, what would I need to do to my system to make your rollback work?

  3. same here error (8002f957) I have both ps3 Fat and a slim one. SLIM one already jailbroken but the fat one my brother accidently updated to 4.60 ofw.

    1. are you on 4.60 official firmware? this guide only works with already “hacked” playstations, there is no way this will ever work on original sony firmware

  4. I tried updating with the downgrader and it gives me the same error message. I followed the directions as well. I’ve tried countless websites for 7 hours straight today and with all of them im getting the same error (8002F957). I have a ps3 slim and its already been jailbroken but my friend updated by mistake last night so im really trying to see if i can fix it! Not complaining just depserate for some help.

  5. Hi,
    When I unzip the 3.55 firmware and put it into the folder, it is still in firefox ?? Do you know what I mean ?!!

  6. Thank you for reply Steven !!
    I put unzipped file into new folder UPDATE ( PS3 ) , but when I try to open it on my PC , nothing happens ??? Is this meant to happen or should I be able to see whats on the file ??

  7. Hi steven, i have a ps3 slim 40 gb cfw 4.66 and i would like to have a bigger internal hdd, can you help me how i can do this the best way?i think i have to downgrade to ofw 3.55 with your instructions here and then backup my system and put the new hdd in? Pls reply steven, i really dont know how 🙁 thank you

      1. Hi steven thanks for your reply but does this work with every ps3 slim model?because i’m a little bit afraid to do it

  8. Thanks Steven B, Worked a treat first time on three different CECH consoles!!! (YOU ARE THE BOSS) To all the people having problems, this is YOUR fault not Stevens!!!! (READ AND FOLLOW ALL STEPS CORRECTLY AND THERE WILL BE NO PROBLEMS.)

  9. I have followed EVERY step. I am trying to downgrade from Rogero 4.46 CFW to Official 3.55 OFW. My PS3 has frozen at 72%. Please reply 🙂

    1. hmmm, probably a bad hdd drive. i’ve seen this in many ps3’s… these drives die after a few minutes of “heavy activity” but still work after a reboot..until another few minutes of “heavy activity” occur.

      you can try;
      -just to make sure,redownload the firmware package and try again
      -check if your ps3 always freezes at 72%, if not its is 100% a bad hdd.
      -you can try formatting/repairing your hdd in the ps3’s recovery settings (search google for ps3 recovery menu)

      1. Thanks for your reply. I have checked my HDD for any bad sectors and everything is working. I am sure that my HDD is fully functional and in good condition. I have re-downloaded all the files you have provided to reattempt to downgrade again however, it is still freezing at 70% – 77%. I am making sure that my Playstation 3 is running cool while it is downgrading (avg. 45^C). Have you got any other suggestions? Cheers 🙂

        1. could you try another drive, pretty sure it’s your drive. seen these problems with multiple ps3’s.. the data on the drive may be correct but the drive mechanism fails i tried to use a drive like that as a external drive for my pc… after copying some/many files the drive just fails in windows to. there are probably a lot of small files being copied around 75% of the update.

          1. I have tried to downgrade another CFW PS3 with a NEW 500GB Western Digital Seagate HDD I had replaced last week (I am downgrading this Custom Firmware PS3 for a friend). Using the same method the PS3 still freezes at around 70%. Both console are in Grade A excellent condition. I am downgrading these consoles because the current CFWs are bugged and unstable. Are there any other methods of downgrading custom firmware consoles to 3.55? Thank you for your time.

            However i’m still confused why the firmware Randomly stops around between 70% and 77%. what’s your current cfw?

            1. you can try overwriting your current cfw with another cfw from another developer of the same version (can be done in recovery mode), then try to downgrade that firmware. maybe it’s caused by the bad/unstable cfw you have installed now.

  10. Thanks for your reply, I am sure that my HDD is fully functional and in good condition. I have checked my HDD for any bad sectors and everything is working properly. I have re-downloaded all the files you have provided to reattempt to downgrade again, but it is still freezing at around 70% – 77%. I am making sure that my Playstation 3 is cool while in the process of downgrading to prevent it from overheating. Have you got any more suggestions? Cheers 🙂

  11. Hi Steven, I’m getting an error when trying to use Rogero Downgrader “.. not supported system”

    PS3 Slim Cobra CFW4.66 with Multiman

    Am I missing something?

  12. hi can u help me. i have been trying to do this the whole day and once again says that the data is corrupt. what should i do bro.

  13. 🙁

    Having the a similar issue: Have done the first update, and enabled QA.

    Performing the second update through system menu copies the file to the disk, reboots and tells me the latest version is already. Through recovery it copies the files to disk, reboots and says “The data is corrupted. (8002F157)

    Launch 60GB: Upgraded HDD, original Blu-Ray.

  14. thank you this worked perfectly for me downgrading from 4.70 CFW back to 4.66 CFW. irisman wouldnt load most my games on 4.70 but multiman works fine on 4.66

  15. i followed all the steps upto where I am stuck. when I try to update from storage media it says that there are no applicable update files or something,. any ideas?

    1. you could at least tell me where you are stuck if you want any help, is the usb in the most left usb slot? is the usb fat32?is the update called PS3UPDAT.PUP and placed in /PS3/UPDATE/?… what’s your current firmware?

  16. Will this work if the PS3 Logic board is broken? I am on ferrox 4.70 no bd and want to downgrade back to 3.55 or is there some way i can remarry another logic board to the console??

      1. Hey, after reading lots of threads and watching videos; I still don’t know what my first step should be. My PS3 (20gb CECHB01) has never been JB (im pretty sure). I upgraded its OFW from 2.76 to 3.55 OFW. Do I need to go through the hoops with the whole QA thing? If so what should be the first CFW to use? If it is not necessary- can I just go straight to the installation of the CFW that I think I want without worrying about any QA stuff? – Sorry for the long winded inquiry but I really don’t want to mess this up.

        My end goal: If possible I want to either be able to stream my PS3 and PS2 Backups from my PC to My PS3 -And OR- Take my Bigger PS3 HDD from my normal PS3 and Install it to the JB-capable PS3 and play my backups on that.

        1. You are lucky, you can install the CFW directly from your 3.55, just choose a CFW, place it in the correct directory on a USB drive, REMOVE ANY GAME DISKS, update from usb.

          1. Hey Steven. Thanks a lot for replying so soon! I’ve upgraded my HDD to the 250gb i had in my normal PS3 and I decided to get my feet wet with Rebug 3.55 even though I probably coulda just tried the latest build. Now I’m trying to recollect myself and re-find and re-read all the stuff that has to do with Nand export and eID and hopefully successfully create the files before I QA and flash the latest Rebug.

            If you happen to catch this in time while I’m still not finished (whether that be a brick or a success) I definitely wouldn’t mind any thoughts.
            Hope you have a great day; its very nice here right now. Thanks again : )

            1. You can just install the latest CFW available, The chance of bricking your ps3 is pretty small since there is a recovery menu which allows full reinstallation of the (cfw) firmware.

              1. That makes sense. Right now I’m running latest Rebug and I’ve successfully run a PS3 and a PS2 Backup initiated by Multiman. But for some reason I can’t figure out how to stream the PS3 ISO that I transfered to my PC with Multiman.

                Also I think I gotta learn how to FTP correctly with say Filezilla since Multiman seems to limit itself to about 8 megs a second which is really slow for transfering large amounts of data. Any idea if FTP requires the PC to act as a server or can I just run it as a client?

                And I don’t remember if I need anything special for the PC to read what is on the PS3 (eID)? And if so what is the method? I think I remember seeing something about renaming and giving the BLU or BLES id for the Game- if only i had a better memory….

                1. great to hear you succeeded, I don’t advise streaming your iso’s but just use a external usb hdd. the best way to transfer games to your ps3 over FTP will be by using a cross-cable, you can achieve 40-50Mb/sec that way but it can be hard to setup. I never used any managing software on my pc, i just extracted and transferred my games to the hdd & used multiman to boot.

                2. Thanks, I appreciate it. Was nice to have a Veteran to the scene advise me. As for your suggestions, I agree with you in terms of best approaches. But right now I’m try to work within my budget; so since I can’t afford to get myself an enclosure right now I wanted to try streaming. I might end up attempting to convert one of my Ethernet cables to a Crossover (hopefully don’t mess it up).

      1. Thank you very much it worked like a charm only problem that the second update had to be from recovery menu i was on cfw 4.75 ferrox went back to 4.70 and thank you again

  17. hi steven i have problim,,how can i ragester in the ps3 hax to download all file of e3 flasher

  18. Thanku steven for answering but steven i don’t know what is ODE and how to use ODE for jailbreaking Ps3, Can you please tell me how to jailbreak Ps3 with ODE

  19. Thanks Steven that is a very useful guide for people that never downgrade a console, i downgraded over 6k ps3 for the last 6years so if anyone need a Downgrade here in UK contact me i have tons of great Reviews once again Steven Top guide with pictures ++ it will help lots of people .

  20. This downgrade FirmWare Tutorial is only can be used for :
    PS3 Fat any series, and Slim 2xxx Series (at already in CFW or OFW 3.55 belows)
    Am I correct Steven ?

  21. hey,i just update my 4.60 to 4.75…..and my install package dissappear….i look for the solution anywhere,and it said try to downgrade it….and i find this site…..i laready downloaded rogero 3.55 downgrader and when i want to downgrade it via system update like your tutorial said….i got an error it says file is corrupted….how do i fix this….thanks

      1. hi,i already tried it but still error…..sorry about this stupid question,can we tell the differences CFW and OFW?…..i’m scared because my install package dissapeared my ps3 become OFW……but when i read on nexgenupdate forum,i found somebody has exactly problem with me and already fixed it by using the same method (rogero downgrader)…i wonder if something wrong my ps3

  22. are 4.66 versions or higher are ofw`s? if it is, what should I do? nephew accidentally updated my ps3….but before he updated it, it was jailbreaked…pls reply..ty

    1. your only option is to buy an NAND/NOR flasher for your model and downgrade with this chip, but this requires complete disassemble of your ps3 :s i’m afraid there is no other way

  23. hi guys im just a noob here trying to downgrade my ps3. i got to where i downloaded cfw 3.55 kmeaw n tried updating it but eveytime i got an error. any advice you can give guys or any step by step instructions

  24. hi all
    i did all steps correct and i’ve trie both normal an recovery instalation and both times i got same error 8002F957 files corrupt

    what can i do more to solve this

    btw i’m using rogero 4.75
    multiman not working and not instaled
    and .pkg folder missing form games folder

    apreciate your help guys

  25. Hi Steven,
    This tutorial works for a playstation 3 CECH-2004B with firmware 4.75?
    I want the jailbreak
    Thanks you in advance.

      1. Hello,
        I put the file PS3UPDAT.PUP 3.55 Rogero Downgrader RSoD in /PS3/UPDATE/ on USB stick fat32 and I have a corrupt file error (8002F957) in 71% 🙁 what the solution please?

        1. Hmm, what’s your current firmware? you can try using a different usb, sometimes the updates files due to the usb stick you’re using.

            1. This downgrader will only work on ps3’s that have already custom firmware(already jailbroken), the downgrader will NOT work on original ps3 firmware.. you will probably need a hardware flasher to downgrade

  26. Thanks a lot Steven.

    Successfully downgraded just now from 4.80 Ferrox CEX. PS3 slim 320gb PCH-2k

  27. Thanks, works exactly the way it should’ve been according to your step by step tutorial. Done it 2 times today

    Start from 4.70 CEX V1.03 Habib and downgraded to 3.55
    Start from 4.80 CEX V1.0 Ferrox and downgraded to 3.55

    PS3 slim 320gb no problem at all.

    Super nice and easy to follow guide. Really appreciate the effort you put in helping people.

  28. Thanks for the guide! I’m tryin to downgrade my ps3 to 3.55 starting from 4.41 CFW, i’m using the rogero 3.55 downgrader, but i always get the data corrupted error when tryin to update with the rogero downgrade at 71%~, i’ve also tried to upgrade from recovery mode, but the result is always the same. Am I missing something? Thanks a lot

  29. Hi, my PS3 was downgraded with an E3 flasher but kids wrongly installed system update and now it runs on 4.81.
    Is there an easy way to get it back? Can I use this tutorial?


      1. Hello @stephen. My jailbroken ps3 was on ferrox cfw 4.76 and i wanted to upgrade to ferrox 4.80 bt i accidentally installed rebug 4.80 and got the red screen of death. I hav followed ur procedure to d latter bt am still getting d RSOD.

        Here is wat i did:
        I dwnloaded d rogero 3.55 downgrader and installed it via recovery and dat installed fine. Didnt install QA since u said QA is built into ferrox cfw.

        PS: later tried installing QA toggle and did the “button combo”. Confirmed dat QA was enable as u described on ur post bt still it didnt work. Keeps goin back to d RSOD.

        Den i tried to install d rogero 3.55 v3.7 cfw bt each time i do dat either via xmb or via recovery, i keep getting the RSOD( a serious error has occurred. Pls contact support).
        I hav tried it more dan 20 times bt i keep getting d same error. Wat am i missing? Pls help.
        PS: its a Phat Ps3 CECHPxx

  30. UPDATE———>
    So i tried to upgrade with ferroz 4.76 cfw that was initially on d ps3 system by i made d huge mistake and it surprisingly worked. So i updated to ferrox 4.80 and dat too worked. So am on 4.80 bt the new problem is dat my games cant load pass trophy. PES17 n FIFA17 n WWW2K15 keeps givin me trophy error. I downgraded back to 4.76 and still same problem. Wat shud i do to fix d trophy issue

  31. So… in System Software it shows 4.60 & Multiman it says 4.55 [BD-ROM EMULATOR]

    would this downgrade work?

  32. I’m a noob let me get that out of the way
    I ”accidently” upgraded the ps system and couldn’t get into multiman, so I did some googling somewhere and read to instal a new multiman I needed to delete my current one, deleted multiman found a new one to instal, don’t have the ”instal package files” folder.Googled some more, now I need to jailbreak it for the folder to appear, can’t do that either because I have to downgrade…which lead me here. Download the downgrader put it on fat32 stick I went to system upgrade via storage media ”no applicable update data was found.” appears and now I’m just stuck. Please if you can help me i would be more than thankful!
    PS. I don’t know what multiman /cfw i have/had
    PPS. I’m really trying to avoid paying for service because I’m low on money but if there’s no other option…

    1. Ok so i figured out to put the downgrader in the PS3/UPDATE folders it reads it but now it shows me an error ”8002F2B5”

      1. You could try starting your ps3 in recovery mode and install the update from there, if it’s still not working you could try an other usb stick or your ps3 is unjailborken and needs to be downgraded with E3 flasher again 🙁 i’m sorry

    2. Hi,

      What does system information show for installed version? if there is no “install packages” folder your ps3 is probably unjailbroken and back on stock firmware :s

      1. Recovery mode, you mean safe mode as I heard it being called? If so then yes I tried and that is where the ”8002f2b5” error shows. Read on a forum that some USBs don’t register and I’m afraid that might be to case with mine. I installed the sistem to the latest version 4.81 I think. How do I downgrade with E3 flasher? I’m sorry but I only purchased my PS awhile ago and I’m not familiar with jailbreaking etc. I really appreciate the help. Thanks again.

          1. Ok thanks again. Twp more q ; do I have to buy a new e3 flasher or can I reuse the one I have ? I have an original game inside the PS , could the game in some way affect the downgrade from not being installed ?

            1. you can just reuse yours if you already have one, there is a guide on how to install samsung firmware onto your flasher so it supports multiple ps3’s. then you can just downgrade as you did before, also it’s best to remove the game, it may accidently update to the original version that came on the cd instead of the custom firmware on your usb stick.

              1. Doesn’t the jailbroken ps already have a e3 flasher installed in it to be jailbroken in the first place or…?

                1. yes, but the “jailbreak store” or whoever removed it so he can use it again to downgrade other ps3’s, if you buy a e3 flasher yourself you can leave it in which allows you to boot multiple firmwares (official and jailbroken) just by connecting a different usb hard drive. But I have to warn, installing a e3 flasher is quite hard and you can very easily break your ps3 so do some research before taking your ps3 appart :s

                2. Figures thanks again for all the help if I try anything I’ll post the results here for people to learn from my mistakes xD
                  Could have upgraded my PC, you know but no I wanted to play GoW.

  33. I installed this following your guide. Seems to work.
    Now I want to install rebug, but was told to make sure no spoofing software is active.
    Does following your tutorial make us spoof 3.55?

  34. Hi there. I don’t know why but I’m trying to update to 3.55 (the last step) and the message appears to me: “Latest version already installed no need to install this version” or something like that, because I’m translation from portuguese. What should I do?

    1. It should just work fine so You must be doing something wrong, could you provide some more information on the error or what step fails?

  35. when i put the downgrade 3.55 it says update data of version 3.60 or later can be installed on this system
    my ps3 is CECH-2503B and it’s running on cfw 4.75
    can you help me please on how to downgrade it?

  36. Went from 4.85 CFW to 3.55 CFW then to 3.55 OFW.
    Originally I got error “This update data is not supported”, then installing it from the Recovery/Safe Mode menu worked fine.

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