OS x FTDI Driver Control

Fix FTDI DMX interface & Arduino on OSX 10.9+ Mavericks

Apple recently decided to make their own FTDI driver with the release of OSX 10.9 Mavericks. This broke compatibility with Arduino & USB DMX interfaces based on an FTDI chip. Here is how to disable the new driver and use the old FTDI driver. All your apps will be working again like they should.

Compatible with OSX Mavericks+ 10.9.0 / 10.9.1 / 10.9.2+

Fix FTDI Drivers

First, download the “OS X FTDI Driver Control” app Here, extract and run the application :


On the main screen, it should say that the FTDI driver is “ENABLED”, this means that the Mavericks driver is loaded and your DMX software does NOT work. to disable the driver, click the big button:


The app will ask for your admin password,


Fill in  your password and click “Ok”. Your Mavericks driver is now Disabled and your software should work again.



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  1. This fix the OpenDMX alright. But i must share my experience using QLC+ with a Emtec OpenDMX in one USB port and an Arduino in other USB port. I could only use one device with this fix.

    1. Arduino updated their program for the new mac driver, the DMX software did not update their software… so arduino will only work with the new driver and DMX will only work with the old driver. as long as QLC and other DMX software does not update their software, you will always have to switch between drivers.

  2. Anyone figure out how to get the FTDI chip sets to work on the usbserials for Yosemite? I can see my device and it works enough to see the scrolling command-line-interface of my serial application, however I’m unable to use my keyboard to put any input into the terminal emulator software, regardless of the emulator I’m using “SecureCRT, terminal, etc.”

  3. I thought this would be the one that fixes it but yeah ive got the same issues and search as i might i cant find a solution either for Yosemite

  4. so pretty noob at messing around with mac terminal, does someone want to make a quick youtube video of this?? 🙂

  5. Hi Steven,

    I am a noob at programming and stuff, even with the manual of FTDI i didn’t get my interface working on a mac. The first two steps were doable for me, but i couldn’t copy the file into that library or so. The interface works fine on a windows laptop, but i rather prefer my Macbook.

    After i didn’t get any further with the manual of the website of FTDI, i tried this step. But, of course, because i can’t install the driver, my macbook can’t find the driver so this didn’t work either.

    What can i do to make this interface working on my macbook?

    Kind regard from the Netherlands,


      1. Yes, My macbook can’t find the interface. In that application it just says: Status: Serial FTDI driver not found on system.

      2. It seems to be a problem with QLC+. I was reading your other topic about the ethernet interface and saw something about the ‘JV Lightning DMXcontrol software. With this software, the interface is at least working on OSX.

        This is kinda strange :S

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