IX4-300d Startup Script

Add new services to your IX4-300d NAS

This guide will allow you to Customize your IX4-300d NAS even more by adding your own scripted startup services! This way you can install any server that’s working on ARM devices and make them run whenever you start or reboot your NAS. Couchpotato, Transmission, Minecraft are just a few of the possibilities.

  • IX4-300d with SSH Access: Guide Here
  • Custom Startup Script: Guide Here
Create service script (runs as service)

First, we need to create a script that will run as our service, Login via SSH :

ssh root@

Navigate to the /opt folder :

cd opt

Depending on your installed text-editors create a new script:

nano fanservice.sh
vim fanservice.sh

type the following “test” code in your script, this code will adjust your fan speed every 20 seconds. Fan noise will be a great indicator your script service is running :

#IX4-300d custom script test
#Fan speed Setting
echo 115 /sys/devices/platform/mv64xxx_i2c.0/i2c-0/0-002e/pwm1_auto_point1_pwm
sleep 20
#Fan speed Setting
echo 135 /sys/devices/platform/mv64xxx_i2c.0/i2c-0/0-002e/pwm1_auto_point1_pwm

nano: save with CTRL+o + Enter and exit with CTRL+X+Enter
vim : Esc + :wq + ENTER


Insert new service

Since the script will not run automatically as a service we will add the script to our “startup script” :

Run the Editconfig.sh script we created in the “Custom startup script” guide :

sh /opt/editconfig.sh

your config file should open in an editor, now “<Group Level=”1″/>”, this is the group where we added our init-opt.sh script and will add our new script to… paste following code in this group :

<Program Name=”fanservice.sh” Path=”/opt/fanservice.sh”>
         <SysOption MaxMem=”20M” Restart=”-1″/>

Your script should look something like this :


Save your startup script and restart your NAS… your service should now start… Anything can be run as a service so start creating your own scripts.

If you created a useful script… please post your script below to help other users… Thanks.

Custom Fan Script: Comming soon
Custom LCD information script: Comming soon



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