Record live audio with your Android Phone or Tablet

Professional audio recorders are quite expensive, especially for amateur performers. However, you can now use your Android device as a professional studio audio recorder much cheaper than any audio recorder available!

  • USB Audio Recorder App:
  • Free demo (to test device compatibility): Trial APK
  • Pro version (allows unlimited record time): Play store
  • Any Android Phone or Tablet
  • USB Audio interface with Audio Input: Compatibility list
  • Android -> USB adapter…
USB Audio Recorder APP

Before trying or buying the USB Audio Recorder App, you can download the demo to test if your USB Audio interface & Android device are compatible. Compatibility can be checked on their Compatibility List (if your device is not in this list does not mean it’s not compatible, it may just not yet been tested.)

Download the Trial .apk on your android device:

Download Trial APK

Download the .apk file to your SD-card, open your file manager and select the APK for installation:


In case the Android device does not allow the installation, go over to your “Security settings” and enable “Unknown sources” :


Install the App but do not open it Yet.

Android -> USB Host adapter

Different Android devices will require different USB adapters, I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S4 which requires a micro-USB -> USB but my TF700t tablet will need a different connector…

Buy URLs:
Dealextreme OTG Cables OTG Cables

My OTG cables :
Galaxy S4:


TF700t adapter


Just make sure it’s an OTG cable for your device, make sure it says OTG!!!

USB Audio Interface

USB Audio Recorder Pro is compatible with most of the “professional” USB Audio Interfaces, I’m using the Behringer UC202, this card is a cheap interface and works like a charm on my Android devices:


Recording Setup

First, connect your mixer/audio source to your audio interface, most mixers have a tape output, connect the mixers tape output to the audio interface’s input :


Tape or Digital Out => RCA In


First, connect the USB adapter to your device, then connect your USB Audio Interface. Your interface should already be powered. When your USB interface is connected & powered… start USB Recorder Pro app, go to the IO tab. On input select your connected USB sound card, also select your preferred format your recordings will be saved on your device.
(depending on your device input will show the interface name or just stereo)


There are more settings in the “Prefs” tab but the default settings will work just fine, to start recording your set, hit the record button. To verify everything is connected and working, check if the VU-meter show input signal, you don’t want this meter to show red so turn down your gain on your mixer down until the VU meter shows green and orange stripes.


You are now ready to record your performance… The free version allows 2 minutes of record time. The Pro version costs about 5$ and allows unlimited record time:

USB Audio Recorder Pro Full



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