Violet/Blue DIY Laser

DIY Violet/Blue Handheld Laser Module

For a few years now, (cheap)Laser pens with a power of more than 5mW may not be sold anymore, however, you can still buy a very powerful laser module for a few bucks. The only problem is that you will have to build your own case to make it “hand-held”, in this guide I used a 200mW violet laser module.

Laser Safety!


Laser Safety Goggles: You only have 1 pair of eyes, don’t ruin them using powerful lasers, even looking at the point can/will permanently damage your eyes.

Laser Safety – Wikipedia

Classes :

I am not responsible for any kind of injuries/damage to yourself or others using this laser guide!! Use at own risk!

  • Laser Module:
    I bought a 200mw Blue/Violet laser, not sold on DX anymore but any Laser Module should work just fine


  • Hobby Enclosure:
    I bought a universal hobby enclosure of 80x50x40, any hobby enclosure(larger) will work just fine… be creative.



  • small Switch/Button: be creative 🙂

– Tools needed:
* Glue Gun or just some regular glue.
* Drill
* Soldering Iron
* Some wires
* Sandpaper…

Prepare the laser module

My laser module was designed to install in a handheld pen, this is why it has no wires for direct wiring to a battery so we have to solder some power wires onto the module :

First, find a + and a – sign on your board, this is where your power cables should be soldered onto :


After soldering the power wires onto the board, we have to disable the button and make the laser shine whenever the power is connected… find the 2 connection points of the button and short these together by connecting both points with a short wire :


Your laser module is now ready for installation.

Building your enclosure

Now we will start with the enclosure, we want all of our components to be glued inside this box so let’s start with the laser, the laser is round, this is easy to cut out of our box by just using the correct size of drill and some sandpaper :


Now fit the laser in and glue the laser in place :


Not the prettiest way but it gets the job done, now let’s install the battery pack, put some glue in the box and press the battery pack on to the glue, your batteries are now installed:


Now we need a switch to control our laser, make a hole and fit the switch in it:



The wiring is very basic, the – of the battery pack and the laser are directly connected with each other.

The + of the battery goes to one side of the switch and the + of the laser module will be soldered to the other side of the switch :


Circuit :


Your laser is now done… Have fun but be responsible!!!




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