simple XBOX 360 Transparant LED casemod

The first generation Xbox 360’s are great for case modding, I did a mod in the past but now I decided to mod another Xbox and this is my guide covering the installation of a transparent side window and some RGB lighting. The mod is very easy but you will need a special tool to open up your Xbox. all links to pars you may need are included.

  • A “Classic” xbox360
    – Some transparent plastic
  • LEDstrip: Dealextreme (Buy with controller & remote)
    – Xbox Opening Tool (optional)
  • Soldering iron. Screwdrivers, Wires…

-An opened Xbox360 : Guide #1Guide #2Guide #3

Cutting the case

First, draw some lines on the “top” case where you want to cut, I will just cut a window as big as possible:


Once drawn, drill a hole in all 4 corners, these are used as a starting point to cut away the inside.


Once the holes are made, use a saw to connect these holes and remove the center panel:


When you cut away the inside you can use some sandpaper or a Dremel to smooth the sides & corners:


Then cut your glass, make sure it fits in the Xbox, you may have to remove some parts from the Xbox case to make the glass fit completely:


When the glass finally fits in your xbox having about a centimeter of extra glass for the glue, you can glue the glass in place:


Your case is now done.

Powering your Ledstrip

The led strip needs 12volt to work, so does the CD Drive, We just need to get our power from the CD Drive.

First, lift up the CD Drive, you should see following wires:


In this left power-cable we need the Ground and the 12volt, the 12 Volt is in the right bottom corner and the ground is in the right upper corner (at the back of the CD Drive):


We still want to use our CD Drive so we need to strip a part of this cable and wind the new cable around it:


Then solder them together:


And wrap them up in some electrical tape:


Installing Ledstrip

For this case mod I will use a remote-controlled RGB Ledstrip I had Laying around, The controller needs 12 Volt which we already got from our CD Drive.

First, cut your led strip to the size you want to install in your Xbox. Then remove the controller’s casing, this will make it easier to hide it inside your Xbox, also wrap it in electrical tape to avoid it touching other electronics:

2014-07-20 14.47.43

Then make sure the remote IR receiver is somewhere in the center of the Xbox, or at least visible for you and the remote:

2014-07-20 14.50.18

Next, install the led strip, in my case I put hot glue on the back of the strip and went around the Xbox starting from the power button to the left side of the CD Drive. Once your strip is glued, connect the led strip to the controller and close your Xbox

2014-07-20 15.03.35

When done, turn on your Xbox and turn on the led strip with your remote controller & enjoy your new Xbox.

Xbox 360 Casemod done



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