Cleaning your W1070 Beamer and Fixing Loud Fan Noise

I’ve got my W1070 about 2 years ago and it has been collecting dust since then as it is being used on a daily basis in a basement. It’s time to clean the inside and finally fix those noisy fans. My beamer is used in a dusty basement and smoking area so I’m expecting to find the worst inside.

Taking apart your W1070

Official Dissemble Manual: Part #1Part #2

First, find the following screw on the left side of the beamer and unscrew it:


Now the lamp cover will come off:


Remove the plastic, unscrew the lamp and remove it from the beamer (Carefully you don’t want to break your lamp):


Then unscrew the top cover screw :


Now turn around you beamer and unscrew these 5 screws:


Gently remove the top and side panels of your beamer, these should come loose with some wiggling, don’t remove the back panel yet (I/O panel)


Remove all side panels except for the connector panel:




First, before touching your beamer you should cover the lens with a piece of tape(make sure the tape does not leave any “glue” when removed) as you absolutely don’t want dust to come on your lens!


After taping this hole, you can use a toothbrush to clean the inside, you can also use a compressor to blow the dust-out but when you do make sure you block all fans from spinning as spinning fans may break your fan or beamer.

Loud Fan Noise

I planned on dissembling and cleaning my fans on the inside to get rid of the rattling sound. However, after cleaning and reassembling the beamer the fans were quite just like new and I didn’t need to disassemble and clean my fans anymore.

  • Disassemble/Clean Fans : Guide #1 – Guide #2
    – Replace Fans with “Third Party” fans.

Conclusion: I removed a lot of dead flies and dust, making the beamer run silently as it was new and I would recommend everyone to clean your beamer once every year.



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  1. HI,
    THKS for work.
    Only a question, is the fan 80 mm ?
    I’m thinking of changing the main fan (lamp one).
    Merci 😉

    1. No. It is 70x70x25 mm. I’m thinking of replacing it also, but it’s difficult to find a replacement that is as thick, most 70 mm fans are 10-15 mm. If you find a good fan right dimensions please let us know.

  2. HI,

    Did you have any idea about which airflow (CFM) is needed?

    I really want to try to change this fan and found a lot of different specification. but I don’t want to create a warm issue if I don’t take the good one

    Merci Thanks

  3. hi try to subscribe but after receiving you’re email it seems it shows the whole time a error when you click: Confirm subscription?
    Any way next question:
    I have a Ben W1070 beamer and have to replace 2 fans:Adda ab 50 12dx-a03,hypro bearing and 1 fan:Adda ad0612hx-h93.
    My question were i could order these fans.
    Thanks for you’re help so far..
    F. Enneking

    1. I wanted to replace my fans to but couldn’t find a website to buy them either, I’m afraid I can not help you. I will look into the subscribe error, thanks.

  4. It looks like this one from will work.

    70x70x25mm DC 12v case Fan,EC7025M12CA

    It has a lower fan speed, CFM, and db. I’m sure it would produce enough air to keep the lamp cool.

    If works i’ll try and update. Thanks for the guide!

      1. I was successful in replacing the fan. Only time will tell if it will keep the lamp cool enough and how long it will last before it starts making noise, like all fans eventually do. It does seem quieter after the initial run up phase has completed. I really had no choice but to change the old fan due to the crazy noises it would occasionally make (even after stretching the spring). I did have to cut the old plug off and attach it to the new fan using three 22 gauge butt connectors (with shielding). I then wrapped all the connectors and wires with electrical tap because I couldn’t find my heat shrink tubing :).The new fan doesn’t have a directional arrow for airflow but its exactly like the old fan. Below is how the wire colors match up from “new fan” to “old plug”.

        “Red” to “Gray” (+)
        “Black” to “Black” (-)
        “Blue” to “Brown” (S)

        This fan was only $13 compared to the original one for $56 on amazon or $76 from newegg.

        Thanks again for posting this guide and allowing me to share my information. I hope this helps and we all can start enjoying our movies without paying the “man”! 🙂

  5. Hello Steven,
    I’ve seen your video of the benQ W1070 and was thrilled. Where can I get firmware updates for other beamer

    1. I finally changed all the fans, because the projector started to shut down quite often, probably due to overheating. I replaced the speaker on the right side with a fan, plus changed the one fan on the right side for two. So now there are three fans on the right side (right side looking from the front), two blowing air in and one sucking air out. I also added a barrier made of a plastic ice-cream container between these to decrease turbulence. Had to do some minor adjustments to the chassis to fit the new fans. But good news is it doesn’t overheat (even with cheap ebay-lamp!), and noise level is down below 30 dB(a)!

      1. nice work, I’m planning to do an upgrade like yours myself but i’m waiting for my current 5000hrs+ lamp to die. the noise of my beamer is waaay above acceptable so hearing that 3 fans brings the noise down is great!. (beamer is hanging in a smoking area so i’ll first have to fight the yellow radioactivish dust :p) do you have any information on what fan(s) you used or other things you found important while upgrading your beamer?


  6. Thanks for taking the time Steven.. !
    my W1070 is a couple of years old and just clocked over 4,000 equivalent lamp hours, and though i have to admit i’m not sure what that means i’m fairly sure it’s overdue for a good cleaning cos it often cops out due to overheating. i hope to find the time soon to do this job and i’ll be back to thank you again after i notice some improvement. all the best, Derek

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