Unremovable Folders fix IX4-300d NAS

Sometimes after installing custom software on your IX4-300d, you may find some unremovable files or folders. Here is how to fix this problem.


– IX4-300D with SSH access: SSH Guide
– Custom startup script: Guide Here
Follow guide at own risk, I am not responsible for any damage!

We will reset the folder/file permissions at every boot of the device.

Edit Startup Script

SSH to your NAS, go to your OPT folder and edit init-opt.sh:

nano init-opt.sh

Now paste following lines somewhere at the bottom of the script :

#set remove permissions for all shares to 777 (fixes unremovable downloads)
chmod -R 777 mnt/pools/A/A0/

Save the script (CTRL+O) and restart your NAS, when fully booted, the NAS will (reset) all file permissions and all folders&files can now be deleted again

!The process may take some time, 8Tb would take about 10 minutes to complete so when rebooting the first time, leave some time for the process to complete.



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