iOS AppLovin Revenue Viewer (Discontinued)

Applovin Revenue Viewer was created to monitor all Applovin revenue on your iPhone or iPad. The app showed detailed information on your performances over many different time intervals, came with a widget for quick access to your income and much more. The app was available in 2015-2016 but was eventually discontinued after some large updates on both iOS and Applovin’s API.


  • Initial setup where the user can type, paste or scan the Applovin API key using a QR Code and the camera
  • Quick overview for revenue of Today, Yesterday, last week, last month and all time.
  • Ability to customize the interval for the overviews
  • Detailed information for Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, 30 days and all time
  • Graph on each page is able to show Imressions, Clicks, Revenue and ePCM for the selected time period
  • Notification center widget for live updates on your revenue
  • Notifications on exceptional large growth and daily summary
  • Applovin history limited to 90 days, the app would store all older data to complete your history.
  • Settings to choose what tabs are visible in the main app
  • Developed using Swift, Compatible with iOS 8 to 10+




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