Black Ops III – Zombie Eisden, The fight is not over YET!

Eisden, Belgium… 7 years after the outbreak, grandma is still alive and she ain’t planning to die anytime soon. A rebuild of my most popular map in call of duty world at war. Download

Small detailed map for some intense close-combat zombie shooting!

  • No perk limit (natesmithzombies)
  • Default Cola’s + Stamin-Up, Deadshot Daiquiri and Mule Kick! (Uptown)
  • Build-able power switch (2 parts) (shinged)
  • Electric Cherry* (ModMe)
  • Gobble Gum machine’s (codwadlad420)
  • Dog rounds (UGX)
  • Zombie Counter (DualVII)
  • Buyable power-up machine (shinged)
  • Buyable Electric Trap’s (Organic developer)
  • Keycard required to access Pack-a-Punch machine (Uptown)
  • Easter Egg (3 Seals) disappearing when shot (no seals will be harmed in the making of this map) (UGX)


  • Some script errors when running in developer mode
  • Report any bugs found below or on the steam page


  • Build time: Month
  • Compile time: 15 Minutes
  • 600 lines of custom scripts
  • The map was ported from COD World at War map file, the original name is nazi_zombie_eisden : Here





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