DIY Wall Cable Organizer using Wire Channel

Build an easy to use cable organizer using plastic wire channel that’s usually used in breaker boxes/power boxes. This is fairly cheap and in my case, it holds about 50 cables per meter. I ended up mounting 4 meters (150″) of wire channel good for over 200 easy accessible cables.

When I rent out sound and light, I need to pack a lot of cables as fast as possible. This way all my cables are in sight and reach for quick packing. I also hate rolling up cables that results in kinks or even the cable breaking over time.

  • The PVC wire channel’s come in many different colors and sizes, I recommend finding one with as many “teeth” as possible as this will determine how many cables you can store per meter (Buy, Buy)
  • Handsaw to cut the PVC wire channel in half
  • Wooden board the same length as your wire channel (optional)
  • Screws and plugs for mounting in the wall and wood

I had some spare wire channels laying around from our power box. The wire channels are generally used to hide wires in your home power box, aswel for safety.

Preparing & Mounting the Wire Channel

First, remove the lid from the wire channel by pressing the pins slightly inwards. The lid can be thrown away as we don’t need it for this project. Then Use a handsaw and split the wire channel in the middle of the base like shown in the picture below.

Then find a way to mount the two pieces high against the wall, I used an extra wooden board that was mounted to the wall first, then I screwed the wire channel onto the wooden board. The wood is mounted on the wall using only 2 large screws at about 2,10 meter from the ground. Then the wire channel is screwed onto the wooden board. Make sure to drill every 30-40cm as it may bend down under the weight of the cables later.

You are now ready to fill up the wall with cables, and since they are always hanging straight, there is no strain on the cables from being wined and unwinded over and over again



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