Virtual Pinball – Adding Games & Tables

This is the last tutorial in the virtual pinball series which will focus on installing different games for your front-end. The most popular games are Pinball FX2/FX3, Virtual and Visual Pinball.

Virtual Pinball – Setup PinballX and Controllers

This part of the virtual pinball guide will cover the software. A visual pinball table requires a lot of software to work together to give a seamless feel when selecting and switching tables. the front end I’ll be using will be PinballX, which will basically show a list of all available pinball tables across all […]

Virtual Pinball – Installing Computer, Controls, Special Effects

This part will cover the wiring of your electronics, this includes the computer, DMD Screen, Audio, TV, buttons, plunger… It will take quite some time wiring everything up correctly and making sure everything is working as intended. But after this guide, it’s just software that remains.

Virtual Pinball – Building the Cabinet

In this part of the Virtual Pinball guide, I will cover the build of the cabinet and control panel. This includes assembling the cabinet and backbox, painting the panels, mounting the legs. prepare holes for: the controls, speakers, DMD Screen, backglass monitor, Special effects… as well as the installation of the plunger, buttons, power switch, […]

Virtual Pinball – Introduction & Design

This is the introduction to building your own Virtual pinball table. In here you will find everything you need to start building with all the items I bought for my build. There are other alternatives available but my guides will use the items described here. This part includes cabinet designs, special effects, information on the […]