Nazi_Zombie_SmallFarm Source Code

call of duty 5 radiant map editor

While making the nazi_zombie_eisden map, I’ve been working on a second map called “Smallfarm”. However due to time constraints and scripting errors I’ve decided to release the map’s source code in its current state. Feel free to expand/finish this map and eventually release it!

Nazi_Zombie_Eisden, Zombies invade Belgium!

Nazi_zombie_eisden Welcome

Nazi Zombie Eisden, developed by me(NiiGHTMARE)! This map is a small house based on my grandmother’s. It’s a small fast paced map, though that shouldn’t keep you from trying out the map. Ideally, this is a perfect map for those with 2-3 players, and a keen eye for zombie killing.

Call of Duty 2 – Weapon Skins

Here are a few weapon skins I created for Call of duty 2. These skins come in .IWD file format and should be placed inside your Call Of Duty 2/Main folder. I created a few weapon skins but the most popular ‘Rusty Smoke Grenade’ was used in many different “skin packs” later.

Call of Duty – Custom Resolution Launcher

Play the original Call of Duty on any resolution and aspect ratio you want. This is a small tool that should be placed inside the Call of Duty installation directory, the game should now be started from this launcher to have your resolution set automatically. Working with original Call of duty and (newer)Steam version.